Lord Of The Flies And The Most Dangerous Game

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Think of your favorite book. Why do you love it so much? Most people like their favorite book just because of the book’s conflict. The conflict is the most interesting part of the story. A story without a conflict is like a grilled cheese without the cheese. “Lord of the Flies” and The Most Dangerous Game are two very different stories- on the outside. If you dig deeper you can see that the conflicts in both of these stories have strikingly similar conflicts. By examining theMan versus Man , Man versus Nature, and Man versus Self conflicts in “Lord of the Flies” and The Most Dangerous Game, the reader will have a deeper understanding of the underlying conflicts and their impacts as they read this thorough explanation. One of the main…show more content…
Maybe not as aggressive like in “Lord of the Flies”, but it is normal human nature. Jack and his savage tribe are jealous that Ralph is not only chief, but doesn’t have the same ideas as them. That’s why they want to get rid of him. Though, there was lots of man vs man in “Lord of the Flies.” Not just the end. In William Golding’s book there are many times where Jack throws shade at Piggy or Ralph. Golding, 21 “‘You 're talking too much,’ said Jack Merridew, ‘Shut up Fatty!”’ This shows that Jack was very rude to Piggy and it was a like Man versus Man there since Jack was being rude to Piggy. Another example of this type of conflict is when Jack and his savages steal Piggy’s glasses from the shelter. During this time they are punching and kicking members of Ralph’s tribe. At the end, when Ralph is running away from Jack’s savages and trying to survive, that is an example of man vs man. As the reader can see, when the reader examines both stories, the conflicts in each of the stories are surprisingly similar, especially in the conflict Man versus Man. The reader has now learned about the most prominent type of conflict in both these chronicles. Now the reader will apprehend a less known conflict, Man versus Nature. Another conflict in “Lord of the Flies” and The Most Dangerous Game is man vs Nature. Both of these stories actually take place on islands, and they’re either shipwrecked or plane wrecked there. Of course, the characters
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