Lord Of The Flies Book Vs Movie Essay

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I am writing you this letter upon viewing your 1990 film, Lord of the Flies. Your inadequate and distorted adaptation of William Golding’s original text, Lord of the Flies, did not meet nor explore adequately, the importance of the theme mentioned throughout the text. Golding’s novel, is focused solely upon the idea that nature is of both good and evil, whereas in your 1990 film, this topic is hardly evolved. Which is made evident through the absence of themes, characterisation and setting.
The lack of characterisation throughout the duration of your film, negatively distorted the views and ideas being portrayed in Golding’s original text. Within your film, Ralph is falsely represented. Upon first stepping on the island, right to the very end scene, he is perceived only as ‘good’ and never once shows the capacity for evil within humanity. This is an injustice to the original text, the Ralph depicted in the film, in no way resembles the character created in Golding’s text. Within the text Ralph disappoints Piggy when he mentions to the group Piggy’s nickname being ‘Piggy’ after being instructed not to. Conversely, in the film, Jack is the one to name Piggy. Ralph is also involved in the Simon’s murder, an important theme within the text, showing the evil within humanity had been explored. This reduces the effect of Ralph’s characterisation in the novel where we know he is a faulty human and increases Jack’s evil nature right from the beginning. In the novel Jack evolves into a savage and his characterisation in the film is evil
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Your film did not sufficiently explore the main underlying theme, that nature is of both good and evil, which Golding’s novel predominantly focuses upon. I send you ever lasting success for your future work in the film-making
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