Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Krista Campbell Mrs. Daley Accelerated English 10 1 January 2015 Lord of the Flies Analysis Man’s natural inclination towards violence has plagued the human race since the emergence of us as a species, to our modern era. In William Golding 's 1954 novel Lord of the Flies, we find ourselves among a group of young schoolboys stranded on an island, without a proper leader or social order. As we observe the morphosis from innocent children into barbaric savages, Golding shows that when man is given the opportunity, he will revert back to a savage state of being. Golding’s novel begins with the introduction of two boys, Ralph and Piggy, who are stranded on an island after a plane crash, and find themselves living with other survivors, all boys, and all young. Once the majority of the boys have been gathered into one area, a council meeting is held, where two leaders emerge and attempt to establish a society. Jack Merridew and Ralph both are considered by the boys to rule as a leader, but Ralph is chosen as one boy explains by stating, “Him with the shell”, and another with “Let him be chief with the trumpet-thing”. With Ralph being elected while holding the shell, or the only form of established rule, we see the first emergence of civilization versus savagery. Ralph’s opposition in ruling, Jack, immediately suggests that the group of boys that he is put in control of is set to become hunters. Jack leads his boys on a hunt, and run across a piglet, which they attempt to kill,

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