Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Jonathan Vautour Mrs. Fils World Literature 3 November 2015 Simon: Lord of the Flies The book “Lord of the flies” is story of a group of boys who were marooned on an island and forced to survive and the effect on their moral stability. In the beginning the reader is introduced to the character Simon. He was a skinny vivid little boy whose hair, black as night and coarse, hung down straight over his face (Oldsey and Weintraub 182-183). Golding’s writing style and background can be seen by how he decided to characterize each and every character in the story. Simon was created as a quite boy that played a substantial and crucial role in the story behind this book. Golding shows Simon’s Christ like characteristics through his bravery, kindness, and good morals. Although he appeared as small and weak, Golding gave Simon the heart and bravery of a war hero. Golding however does not make this bravery very obvious in the way he wrote the book. He showed it when Simon was picked to go with Jack and Ralph (Telgen 174-195). The reason Jack and Ralph picked Simon to go with them is a confusing choice at first because Simon was not the most burley character in the book. However, it is Jack and Ralph’s instinct that causes them to pick Simon, because there was a mutual feeling of comfort. “Simon 's special powers are signaled early in the story when, even though he is not one of the bigger boys, he is chosen by Ralph to join him and Jack to explore the island” (Telgen 174-195). The
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