Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Almost everyone knows someone who appears to have grown up without rules or authority figures in his or her life. This person may often act like he or she is better than everyone else. To everyone else, though, this person does not seem to be as civilized as the rest of society. He or she is often rude and inconsiderate and are very mean to others. This happens when no one ever tells the person what he or she is doing is wrong. In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, something very similar happens. Young boys have no rules set by an authority figure, and this causes them to decide that they have to make the rules themselves. When some of the boys start to rebel against the rules, the island spirals into a hysteria of savagery. Golding’s novel aims to show, when there are no rules to obey, just how easy it is for human nature to lead to savagery. If the fall into savagery and loss of civilization can happen this easily in young boys, does this not show just how easy it could happen in adults? Savagery begins in small acts. When those small acts are allowed to continue, they develop bigger and more dangerous behaviors, and no one really questions it. Golding shows the loss of civilization into savagery through how the Maurice and Roger treat the littluns, how Jack and his tribe treat everyone on the island, and how Jack himself reacts to having no rules.
A significant example of savagery and the loss of civilization is how Maurice and Roger treat the littluns. Maurice…
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