Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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A good leader needs to have a specific set of character traits and values that will work towards the betterment of the people he is leading. The most important of these are the ability to speak easily in front of a large audience, the ability to unite a seemingly divided people if need be, the ability to discern what decisions are the best for the people, and the ability to make the right decision even it is not the popular one. Of the two main leaders in “Lord of the Flies,” Ralph and Jack, Ralph seems to possess more of these attributes, therefore making him a better leader. Applying these attributes to real life politics, the best candidate to lead a people would have to be, I’m almost sad to say, Donald Trump. The first attribute that a leader needs is the ability to speak in front of a large audience. A leader needs to be able to address his people directly and express various thoughts, ideas, and propositions. The next attribute needed is the ability to unite a divided people. One person comes to mind when explaining this attribute: Abraham Lincoln. He was able to take a broken America and repair it. He may not have fixed it completely, as racism persists even today, but he united the North and the South. The leader needs to act as a glue that holds the people together even if differences in opinion arise. The next attribute is the ability to discern which decisions are the best for the people and act upon those decisions. It is the leader’s job to decide what to do
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