Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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A good leader needs to have a specific set of character traits and values that will work towards the betterment of the people he is leading. The most important of these are the ability to speak easily in front of a large audience, the ability to unite a seemingly divided people if need be, the ability to discern what decisions are the best for the people, and the ability to make the right decision even it is not the popular one. Of the two main leaders in “Lord of the Flies,” Ralph and Jack, Ralph seems to possess more of these attributes, therefore making him a better leader. Applying these attributes to real life politics, the best candidate to lead a people would have to be, I’m almost sad to say, Donald Trump. The first attribute that…show more content…
For a leader to have this attribute, he must make the decision that will benefit his people the most. This leads into the final attribute: the ability to make the right choice, even when it is not the most popular choice. Once again, Lincoln is a good example of this attribute. When the Civil War started, Lincoln decided to fight for the freedom of slaves. This was not an easy decision to make by any means, but he knew that it was the right thing to do. Doing what’s best for the majority may not make everyone happy, but it’s something that simply must be done. With all of these attributes covered, the person who is best fit for leadership in the novel “Lord of the Flies” would have to be Ralph. Ralph is perhaps the best public speaker of any of the characters in the book. He makes many speeches and most of them are well done. He could use some help with the next attribute, however. When it comes to uniting the boys, who are divided between Ralph and Jack, Ralph fails miserably. His failure to unite the boys results in Piggy’s death and the boys’ primal reversion to barbarism. Ralph does, however, have the ability to discern what decisions need to be made to get everyone rescued. Ralph realizes early on that, in order to get rescued, he needs to maintain a signal fire that can be seen by any nearby boats. Some of the boys are focused on having fun and, in Jack’s case, hunting pigs rather than getting rescued. The other boys view this simple task as
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