Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Lord of the Flies is a hero’s story Lord of the Flies tells a story about a group of school boys who are twelve and younger. They crash on an unknown island whilst they are being evacuated at the dawn of the next world war. Ralph, who is the protagonist of the story, struggles to maintain vestiges of civilization against the call of human nature and savagery. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is a hero’s story because Ralph, the elected leader of the boys, portrays the archetypal hero, he faces a road of trails like all heroes do, and, he gains gifts from his journey. William Golding had written a hero’s journey in Lord of the Flies as the main protagonist is an archetypal hero. Ralph is a boy of noble qualities, is regarded as a moral ideal, and is elected as the chosen leader. When Ralph and the other boys crash on an unknown island whilst evacuating from a war, he is elected to be the leader of the boys. This is because he is old enough to be linked with the adult world, and he also has good physical shape and strong personal charisma. However, these are only part of the reason why Ralph is a hero. Ralph’s position as the leader of the boys makes him responsible for the boy’s safety and health, and his actions in doing so eventually defines him as a hero. One of the first things Ralph does on the island is to find a good place to start a signal fire, and he also makes the conch rule to maintain democracy and civilization on the island. Ralph says to the boys in a

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