Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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The novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding is about a group of British schoolboys whose plane crashes on a deserted island where the only survivors are the kids. In the novel, the writer shows the conflicts between different types of society. These young boys are faced with the difficulty of survival. The three main characters that symbolize different ways to run a community and different ways of thinking are Ralph, Jack, and Piggy.
Ralph is the one that represents rule and order to make a civilization work(Oldsey and Weintraub 3).He has a very democratic way of thinking. Ralph is a tall pale boy who is almost twelve. He is good looking but he is definitely more of a speaker than a thinker. Ralph is voted as being the leader by the other boys on the island. The first time they even talk about having a leader is in the beginning when Ralph says,“‘Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things’”(Golding 22). Little did he know that he would be the one to end up being the leader. There is a focused slide of Ralph shown a whole lot in this story. Not to mention that he has the conch which was a horn type shell used to call attention. his looks also play a big role in his power (Olsen 8). Ralph does believes in order. Piggy establishes order at the begin when he finds the conch. They end up deciding that they can use this conch to their benefit. Ralph says,”we can use this to call the others” (Golding 16). By blowing into this conch it drew attention to the

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