Lord Of The Flies Conch Symbolism

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Lord Of The Flies The Conch I chose the conch as my symbol throughout the plot of the story. I chose it because it controls the boys on the island. There were not any adults, so the conch was like an adult. An adult would call for the children and they would come. Like the children, whenever the conch is blown the boys come running to Ralph and Jack. The littluns and biguns knew that if they did not go to wherever the conch was blown that neither Ralph nor Jack would protect them anymore because of the absence of all the biguns and littluns. Just like if adults called for their children to come. Those kids would most likely get in trouble for not coming because the…show more content…
Maybe even kill him, so he could be nervous because he does not want to die. The others that use it to speak always clutch it or run their fingers like he does. They are still kids without adults there to comfort them so the conch is like their thing to soothe or comfort them. They could miss their parents and want to hug them or just see them again. At the same time, they could be like Ralph and be nervous they are not going to get rescued or possibly die. The littluns were most likely the least worried because they do not really understand death at that age. So they just thought it was an adventure and they would go home eventually because life was like a fairytale for them at this age. They think everything will go perfect for them because that is how it is in movies and books. All the pretend movies go great for the protagonist of the story and they think that, that is how it will go for them. The conch is all of the boy’s item that can protect them if they are in harm’s way. One way it protects the boys is, if one of the boys were to be lost, Ralph could blow the conch and that boy could hear where Ralph is. Another way would be if a boy was getting attacked by an animal. Ralph could blow it in its ear and the animal would get hurt by the piercing, ear bleeding noise and run
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