Lord Of The Flies Corruption Analysis

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Have you ever seen corruption in society? William Golding’s novel, The Lord Of the Flies reflects how society is corrupt. The novel starts off with youngs kids plane getting shot down. This makes them end up on an island all separated. Two of the kids meet up and use a conch shell to bring everybody together. The group meet up and ran into another group. The groups merged and choose one main leader, Ralph. They each kid had a job to do so they could get saved. There were a few kids who didn't do their job and in the end revolted by making their own group. These kids were lead by Jack. Their idea wasn't as much trying to get saved as more to hunt. The groups clashed in ways and Ralph's group became small, while Jack’s group became bigger. First, William Golding’s novel, The Lord Of the Flies reflects how society is corrupt by showing how people disregard the people above them. In today's society the cops are the law enforcers. They are the ones to come to the rescue you, but are also the ones to arrest you. The problem with this is the cops can overuse their power for their benefit like in the case of Mr.Amiott a white cop who beat a black person for no reason (Hauser). This is why many people believe that the police don’t like certain races and are unfair to society. They believe the cops are not what they should stand for. This is what creates the tension between the police and the people. These people start to not trust and stop believing in the police. This causes

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