Lord Of The Flies Critical Analysis Essay

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Lord Of The Flies by William Golding William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, contributes many pessimistic events that overrule the good, but there are some optimistic inputs that are added to the story. Ralph, Jack and all the other boys have been trapped on an island with very little resources, and are basically doomed from the beginning, but they all have hope including Ralph. Golding has included hope into bad situations such as Ralphs defiance to Jack’s tribe, Sam and Eric's refusal to betray Ralph, and Ralph's rescue. The boys spend some time on the island, and eventually forget how to act civilized and start acting like wild savages. Many readers say that Golding's writing is all pessimistic, but there is good in all his writing …show more content…

We’re English, and the English are best at everything.”(2. 42) This quote is ironic because Jack once said that they needed rules and laws, but towards the end of the book he was the one to act like a savage with no rules. Next, the only boys, besides Piggy, that have stuck by Ralph’s side were Sam and Eric until they were forced into joining Jack’s tribe. Even though the twins joined Jack’s tribe they still were loyal to Ralph, and if they had not joined his tribe Ralph would have never known that the boys were trying to kill him.This allowed Ralph to prepare, or in his case hide from them. Even though Sam and Eric were loyal to Ralph they did need to look after themselves as well, even if that meant giving up Ralph’s location. They both admire him, but Jack used force for the twins to join their tribe.
“ ‘You got to join the tribe.”
“You lemme go”
“--and me.” (11.182) The only reason Sam and Eric joined Jack’s tribe was because they were frightened that Jack would hurt or kill them the way they did to Simon and Piggy. Jack wanted dominance over Ralph and with Piggy gone the only remaining boys were the twins. Therefore, by the end of the story Ralph was certain he was not going to survive, but it was not until a Naval officer found the boys and saved Ralph from death. Ralph was terrified thinking he was going to be murdered, and at that moment he lost hope, but hope is important especially in situations like these. From the beginning of the

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