Lord Of The Flies Death Analysis

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The Life of a Death
“Men and women [Are] born with cruelty as a deep component of their nature... Civilization is largely a heroic struggle to build layer upon layer of varnish upon the rough and splintered raw material of humankind...” (Golding). This exemplifies William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, which is a tale of a group of boys who crash land on a deserted island and have to survive until rescue comes. While living on the island, the boys start out strong, building huts and establishing rules. But, after withstanding the island for so long, they became more violent and more violent until several boys were killed, including a boy named Piggy. He was killed by a stone that another boy named Roger dropped on his head, and many consider
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The act of sinning is very bad to the church, though they don’t consider Roger’s action a violation. The church’s priest believes that “children who may be old enough to take communion... are not necessarily thought of as capable of understanding the nature of sin as a break with God. ‘It's the conviction of virtually all people that children of that age [10] are incapable of serious sin,’ (Sachs). If a child is not capable of a sin, the he or she cannot be guilty of murder. It is absolutely preposterous to blame a youth for a large-scale felony. This relates to Roger because he is just a young boy, and he doesn’t know what he is doing. He could have accidentally pushed the rock, or maybe he did not mean to hit Piggy. But, either way, Roger cannot be proven guilty of any crime. Some people may argue that Roger is guilty, that he had full control of his actions, but even great people don’t always have a complete realization of what they have done. Ralph, the boys’ elected leader, even forgot why he had made a fire. After spending such a long period of time on the island, “Ralph tried indignantly to remember. There was something good about a fire. Something overwhelmingly good…” (Golding 163). Roger also spent a long time on the island, and had forgotten what civilization and humanity was. Hence, he was surely out of his wits and is in no way responsible for the death of
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