Lord Of The Flies Essay : Morality And Morality

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Morality is a fascinating topic that has no concrete rules. It is a game created by man, where the rules exist only within the human psyche. When humans do not play the game, we end up with situations like Meursault’s who is sentenced to having his “head cut off in a public square in the name of the French people” (107) after being found guilty of killing an Arab man. However, the murder is not what earns him the death sentence, but instead his controversial outlook on life that defies the norm of human morality. Meursault is condemned to die because he does not convene to the game the humanity. The novel starts just after the death of Meursault’s mother. He makes the journey to attend the vigil and funeral over the weekend, not out of grief or love, but rather obligation. Meursault lives in a state of indifference, he cannot tell you what day his mother died, or even how old she was when it happened. He does not cry, nor mourn her death like one would expect of a son. He offers only his physical presence, but never his emotional one, claiming that his “nature was such that [his] physical needs often got in the way of [his] feeling” (65). The prosecution’s case during Meursault’s trial focuses heavily on his actions during his mother’s burial. They ridicule him for not displaying the emotions deemed socially acceptable during those circumstances. The lawyer paints him as a soulless man who was incapable of love. Meursault cannot answer definitively whether he
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