Lord Of The Flies Film Analysis Essay

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“Lord of the Flies” - Film Analyses

Lord of the Flies is based on the novel “Lord of the Flies”, by William Golding in1954.
In 1990 they made a movie from the novel with the same name “Lord of the Flies” directed by Harry Hook. The movie is classified as an adventure drama film.

The title “Lord of the Flies” represent The devil, the person who pretend power and lead a group of hopeless followers.

The film began with the big action that changes the kids’ life and starts their adventure. A big plane crush happened and the plane hit the sea. The kids and one adult (Captain) are drowning, They are fighting to stay alive and trying to find anything to grab on and to get to the sea surface. Suddenly a lifeboat is open and they get into it then they find them self on an
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Only the person holding the conch could speak at the meetings and the others have to listen to him, also it’s a way to call the boys for a meeting.

The Signal Fire: symbolize the hope of rescue and then it turned to destruction symbol as they used it to burn the island.

Piggy's Glasses: When the glasses are on Piggy’s face and clean, things are serene and understand, but whenever he takes it off, things are unclear and he feels weak. The cracking of the lens symbolizes the cracking between the boys.
Also, it was a powerful symbol as they can start the fire with it. For Jack its important always to get the glasses so he can make a fire for food and keep the boys with him, but Ralph wants it to for the signal fire.

The pig’s head: It represents the name of the film and how the flies are flying around dirty. Jack cut the head and put it on a spear to show off his powers and frighten the beast and the kids.

Painted faces: The painting on the face symbolized power and to frighten the enemy. ّف symbolized increasing wildness and the loss of
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