Lord Of The Flies Greed Analysis

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Pacey Grover

Ms. paronto


April 20, 2017

Lord Of the Flies

Greed affects everybody one way or another. It changes how people act in important situations. Greed can force people into doing what is beneficial to them and not the masses who could have their lives changed for the better based off the decision made by one greedy individual. Greed takes over people's mind and turns them into savages who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Greed is alive and well in Lord Of the Flies by William Golding, Greed can be seen numerous times throughout this fantastic book where dozens of young boys get stranded on an island with no adults and only themselves to stay alive. Throughout the book the boys come to treat each other very harshly and become violent when something does not go their way. This
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90) As the battle to maintain leadership wages against Ralph the greed of others constantly causes hurdles in the separate battle for survival. Greed is an everyday struggle in the real world and can be seen when Sears purchased Kmart in an effort to make more money by reviving a struggling business. This attempt by Sears prompted the collapse of their entire corporation and it is still struggling today. The New York TImes explained “Five years after the merger, Sears Holdings is beleaguered, with sales markedly worse than its competitors’.” This is proof of the negative effects that greed had on a real world situation. These examples teach people that the greed that is within them can and will damage the world around them. The greed shown in The Lord Of the Flies are examples that all people, even children, can be influenced to do wrong things in life. Greed can be seen and corrected by confronting it, and fixing it for the greater
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