Lord Of The Flies Innocence Theme Essay

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Golding finishes chapter nine with the phrase,“Simon’s dead body moved out toward the open sea.”(Golding 154) This scenario is significant because Simon was slaughtered by his own clan. Simon was about to explain the misconception about the beast, but before he could do so, he was thought to be the beast and was attacked by the rest of the boys. The boys’ civilized manner was erased as they turned to savageness. The traditional idea of innocent children is not present in this novel. Face paint, pig killings, and disrespect towards one another show the diminishing innocence in the book. Therefore, as the boys turn to savageness, they lose their innocence and display evil. In a literary criticism done by Gale Student Resources, the major…show more content…
In chapter 1 where chief is assigned, Jack’s reaction is a bit evil. “A chief, a chief! ‘I ought to be chief,” said Jack with simple arrogance.’” His authority over the choir, hunting, and the fire, are still not enough to satisfy the boy. There is also no trust among the boys. Piggy reveals his name as “Piggy” but wishes to be called by his real name. However, Piggy is stuck with the name as Ralph tells the whole crew. Piggy is placed with a target on his back throughout the book. Their disrespect towards Piggy is a direct product of evil. Unfortunately, the evil actions are escalated. Simon, the most severely affected by evil within the boys, is murdered. Unbelievable to think the killing of one of their own was not affected by a force. But even so, there is an element of evil within all mankind. All in all, the children lose innocence and prove that they are a bit evil by their actions towards each other.
Eventually, all of their thoughts are evil. The beast is a good representation of their imaginations losing their innocence. A few of the older boys try to eliminate the idea of the beast. However, it becomes a struggle to convince the ‘littluns’ otherwise. Once the parachute man appears in the story, he becomes feared. Chapter 6 itself is called ‘Beast From Air’. Simon tries to explain the misconception about the beast to the other boys. But as stated, he is thought to be the beast and is murdered by his own people. The fact that they
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