Lord Of The Flies Literary Analysis

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William Golding’s allegorical novel, Lord of the flies, is about British schoolboys stranded on a deserted tropical island due to a plane crash. The beginning of the novel foreshadows what events will happen throughout the novel. However, I think the ending of the novel is more important because Golding gives us the message that we are all capable of being a savagery and it teaches us the need for civilization by showing changes in characters in a negative way at the end of the novel.

At the beginning of the novel, when Ralph and Piggy meet for the first time, we can clearly see that they are civilised. At that point, knowing that they are on an island, Ralph feels exhilarated, being freed from the adults. We can see this when Ralph swims in the beach naked. The nudity of Ralph shows freedom, innocence, and naivety of him. This shows us that instinctively, people want to be free from society, doing whatever they want without caring what other people say, which foreshadows that their civilization will not last long. After swimming, they walked around the beach and find the conch. Piggy says, “We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting”. Piggy’s thought of using the conch to have a meeting shows us that he is intelligent. Piggy teaches Ralph how to blow the conch. By using the conch, they had the first assembly. On the first assembly, they cast a vote for a chief which became Ralph. Jack said that he will lead their choir as hunters which show us that Jack is

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