Lord Of The Flies - Original Writing

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The remaining boys off the desolated island in the middle of the sea sat inside the boat of their rescuers, returning to the home they had left behind.
"Not too far off from London, now, lads," a sailor told them, taking a swig of the small flask in his hand. Ralph remained in the same agonized position; his back arched, elbows on his knees and his fists clenched with what little finger nails he had left, digging into his skin. Samneric were on his left, rubbing their eyes free of running paint and on his right was Maurice, who sat shivering. Ralph could feel the heat of Jack 's glare burning his scalp, so he raised his eyes to give him an uncertain look, but Jack turned his head to glare at the young sailor as his eyes met Ralph 's.

He had gotten a stiff back now and the sailor noticed as he saw the look of torment and hysteria in his eyes and composure, letting him stand on the deck to stretch from the long voyage they 'd endured. He watched in a sort of muse as the dark water lapped up at the yellowing base of the boat, which bobbed up and down at each wave. Then turned his gaze to a seagull, who floated in the gentle breeze and swooped down to catch a fish it 'd spotted. He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose with a scowl.
"Where 's your family from?" asked a young scouser and Ralph jumped, turning to see a young red-headed boy, who looked about six or seven.
"Er, me grand 'ad w 's born there," he said, squinting his eyes. "Smart w 're goin ' there,…

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