Lord Of The Flies - Original Writing

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The remaining boys off the desolated island in the middle of the sea sat inside the boat of their rescuers, returning to the home they had left behind.
"Not too far off from London, now, lads," a sailor told them, taking a swig of the small flask in his hand. Ralph remained in the same agonized position; his back arched, elbows on his knees and his fists clenched with what little finger nails he had left, digging into his skin. Samneric were on his left, rubbing their eyes free of running paint and on his right was Maurice, who sat shivering. Ralph could feel the heat of Jack 's glare burning his scalp, so he raised his eyes to give him an uncertain look, but Jack turned his head to glare at the young sailor as his eyes met Ralph 's.
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Instead, they turned their heads to watch the approaching city in the distance.
"So… what 's your name, scouser?" Ralph asked blandly, not really interested but he felt a little guilty for not speaking to him.
"Kevin," he responded with enthusiasm. "An ' I know y 're name already; it 's Ralph, innit?" Ralph nodded. "I heard bout you from a shrimp. They was hunting?" Ralph nodded again, cringing at the unwanted reminder. "Sounds fun. When I was a kid, me father took me out huntin ' sometimes- for badgers that ruined our garden- an '-"
"Sorry, Kevin. Not that I don 't care, but, I kind of just wanted to be alone," Ralph butted in and the scouser grimaced, nodding and scurrying away to leave the once fair-haired boy in peace.

Within the hour, they arrived in the outskirts of London. No families were there to greet them like some littl 'uns would have thought, only a robin on a wall, singing in greeting.
"I shall take a cab to Manchester," announced Jack in all his arrogance and pride, "Who shall come with me?" Ralph walked away from the group, Samneric taking a final glance at him and turning back to Jack 's tribe. He journeyed down the empty streets barefooted, wondering why no one had come out to scold him or shoo him away in mistaking him for a tramp. Instead, he noticed the streets were empty of presence and houses were desolate. His home wasn 't too far off the
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