Lord Of The Flies Seniority Essay

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J. Miller Ms. Tantlinger Honors English 10 2 January 2018 The Power of Seniority in Humans are a sophisticated and advanced race, one which possess the ability to affect their environment, and one another, in significant and often destructive ways. War is a catastrophic event created by humans, who upon creating it neglect to comprehend its far-reaching effects. The novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, places a group of prepubescent males into one of these situations. After an evacuation aircraft crash-lands, the boys are left upon a deserted island to manage and fend for themselves. As Golding details the trials and tribulations of the young men on the island, it becomes increasingly apparent that the children respect authority…show more content…
Jack’s leadership is lamented with his first appearance, as he leads the choir in an organized manner across the beach to the initial meeting place. Ralph displays his leadership ability when he addresses Piggy after he is teases for his name. “With the directness of genuine leadership,” he dismisses Piggy to go record the names of the other survivors. This is significant because it can be compared to if an adult and ordered Piggy to do something, even though he wanted to help search the island. However, as Piggy respects the power of the democratic election and Ralphs seniority, he complies. This highlights the power of seniority. However, Piggy’s role here, and in other parts of the book, serve as an interesting opposition to the theory that with age[c] comes seniority.Throughout the story, Piggy is belittled and discriminated against, seemingly because of his age, lack of physical ability, speech impediment and vision problems. In Chapter 8, as he is trying to take over as chief, Jack even compares Piggy to Ralph, saying that “Ralph is like Piggy. He says things like Piggy.” While this may seem like an Insult to Ralph, it can be interpreted on a deeper level as, alternatively, the recognition of Piggy’s ability to lead. There are plenty of times throughout the story that Piggy is indirectly given power. In chapter 1, he is responsible for the littluns as Jack, Ralph, and

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