Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Analysis

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Lord of the Flies: William Golding has said that his novel Lord of the Flies was symbolic from the beginning until the end when the boys are rescued. During the course of the novel these symbols are constantly changing, giving us a new interpretation of the island society.
Write an essay that discusses three different significant symbols from the book. Explain the significance of the symbol, why it is symbolic and how over the course of the novel that symbol changes. Make sure to explain why the changes to the symbol are significant to the interpretation of the novel. (remember symbols can be both objects and characters)

In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, three significant symbols throughout the novel include the conch shell, the beast, and the Lord of the Flies. These symbols not only aided in the development of the characters but also in their rescue. By the time the boys are rescued the meaning of each symbol has either been diverted or given a new interpretation.
When the group of boys first arrived at what they believed was a desolate island the conch shell was one of the first things they discovered. Not only used as a form of unification, the conch shell became a tool used to keep order. It placed a system, similar to democracy, in effect for the boys. The conch shells’ sole purpose was to mimic the role of a microphone: in the sense that at group meetings the conch was to be held by each speaker. This system allowed everyone an equal chance to speak their thoughts while remaining uninterrupted.
Throughout the novel, however, the value of the conch shell begins to disintegrate. The conch shell emulates structure among the boys, and without it, the boys begin to lose their rationality. In chapter five even Ralph begins to realize the value of the conch shell is in danger. He is worried if he tries to reassemble a disbanded meeting that the boys will ignore him and forget the importance the conch shell holds. As time on the island begins to pass the value of the once almighty conch loses more and more significance. When Ralph visited Jack’s newly established camp that's when the other boys completely disregarded any authority the conch shell once possessed. Finally, in chapter eleven when

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