Lord Of The Flies Theme Essay

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Lord Of The Flies Imagine you were stranded, with a bunch of other kids your age. Seeing that there is no authority, no law; wouldn’t anyone feel strange? Wouldn’t one feel the necessity to set forth a few rules, to maintain everyone’s sanity? In the book, Lord Of The Flies by William Golding, the hidden brutality of one’s self becomes their worst nightmare. The theme of this story is: without structure and rule our basic ideas of how to treat other people and what is right or wrong will be lost. In Lord Of The Flies Ralph, the main character, sets out some simple guidelines. In which everyone must oblige by; if they are to survive in this unknown land. In the story the conch, a seashell found by Ralph, symbolizes authority. “I’ll give…show more content…
Many of the younger children are scared, of something known as “the beast”. Ralph assures the children that there is no beast, and the kids feel safer knowing that the beast is not a problem. For kids will be kids, they will disobey rules, but are more sane knowing that there are guidelines that keep them in line. Without them, there is nothing to break, nothing to rebel against, except for their sanity. But soon, the survivors got tired of all the structure of Ralph’s ability to lead. At this time Jack himself called a meeting, and challenged Ralph for the “crown” of power. After losing, he left to fend for himself; unknowing that he had inspired many along the way. Jack’s ability to stand up to Ralph, caused his role as chief to waver. Wherever structure has come across, a special someone always rebels against it; bringing followers with them. Reflecting on this, Ralph makes an astonishing remark: “What makes things break up like they do?” (Golding, Ralph page 139). In this scenario, Jack has become a contumacious being. And to extract more people from Ralph’s tribe, Jack invited everyone to a feast. Where he was able to manipulate many, and bribe them to join him. Due to his ability to provide meat on the day of his rebellion; caused the survivors to feel as though Jack was the answer to their prayers. This is the breaking point of Ralph’s ability to lead the group. Whence the boys were released from rules, something stirred within them.
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