Lord Of The United States

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The United States prides itself on the American Dream, where if a person works hard, stays in school, and dreams big they can achieve any financial, social, personal goal they want. While neoliberalism and Reaganomics plague the country, making the dream more accessible to others, diversity at workplaces and, most notably, colleges has seen a substantial increase. According to Amherst College, while it is known as a predominantly white institution throughout history, nearly four in ten students identify as people of color. A premier liberal arts college in the heart of beautiful western Massachusetts, surrounded by four other impressive institutions, and with a recently undefeated football and soccer team, Amherst seems to be the complete package. The only issue is their mascot: Lord Jeff. Lord Jeffrey Amherst was a prominent British officer in the mid to late 18th century and because of his impressive military strategies and ties to colonial history has many towns and schools in New England named after him. Amherst College is the only institution to adopt him as an unofficial mascot. His image is tarnished though because of historical documents alluding to the fact that he encouraged and even asked others in the British military to give smallpox blankets to Native Americans. Fortunately the Amherst College community realized that this imperialist does not align with the college’s ideals or attempts to make the college accessible, safe, and intellectually empowering for…
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