Lord Selkirk Research Paper

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Lord Selkirk was a man who naturally just wanted to help people, and the Scottish farmers we're men who needed to be helped. Lord Selkirk's dream was to have a colony in the red river district of the Scottish farmers to have it be successful. His dream, although difficult to achieve at first, would be a reality. Thomas Douglas, the fifth earl of Selkirk, also known as Lord Selkirk was known for being a philanthropist or helping hand to many people. His father was known as a very good man and Thomas wanted to keep his spirit alive. His situation matched perfectly with that of the Scottish farmers. These farmers are losing their jobs on English forms due to the increased demand for wool. Englishman begin raising sheep because it was a lot more profitable than props and they only needed two or three…show more content…
His goal as governor was to keep the Scottish farmers alive, he was given no instruction on the meet. In order to keep the farmers from dying of starvation, McDonnell knew he had to keep a large supply of pemmican (a food made by the Metis). In order to keep the supply large enough to feed all of the settlers McDonald created in the pemmican proclamation. With the new proclamation and place the Métis, by law, we're not allowed to sell their food outside of the red river district. One of the Métis main source of income was selling their pemmican to the Hudson Bay Company. The new proclamation just destroyed me T economy. The Métis had helped the new settlers and had tolerated the newcomers but now that they are destroying with the Métis had the Métis we're getting annoyed. The Métis by persuaded by the Northwest Company to drive the settlers away. The Métis begin burning the Scottish houses the Scottish crops and harass the Scottish settlers. Only a small fraction of the original group of Scottish farmers remained in the red river district the rest had fled back to
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