Lord of the Flies: A View to the Evilness of Mankind Essay

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Lord of the Flies: A View to the Evilness of Mankind

There is hardly ever a man clever enough to recognize the full extent of the evil he does. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, one could argue that man, in the state of nature, is born evil. The boys in the novel, represent a metaphorical idea in which they are born unto the island, and manifest mankind’s true nature. As the story progresses, the boys construct a society and ruin it. They revert to the primitive association in which fear and tyranny lead to ultimate rule. All of the boys that try to do the proper and befitting deeds are killed off. This violently throws them unto impending doom, thus proving that men are born evil.

No evil dooms man
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That is, something that cannot be feigned, faked, or imitated. Simon is an individual. He is far different from the other boys--he is virtuous. Yet, one could still argue that he is only pure of heart because he is not quite all there; Simon is an epileptic. It would not be fair to judge him alongside the other boys, for if he were normal, he may have been just as evil as them--another Roger perhaps. Ralph is also one of the better boys on the island--better, being only a relative term. That is, though Ralph is not quasi Roger, he still has his ill characteristics. Ralph himself takes place in the murder of Simon. He was only doing it out of fear, but none the less, he still took a life. Ralph, “treats the day's decisions as though he were playing chess.
The only trouble was that he would never be a very good chess player." (106). The fact that Ralph makes bad decisions does mark him as somewhat of an evil character. If we are speaking in terms of Simon being good and Roger being evil, Ralph lies inbetween them. He takes part in hunting and killing, yet what separates Ralph from other boys is the fact that he takes responsibility for his actions--the others do not. This does not, however, imply that Ralph is free of evil. Ralph is born with evil qualities just as any
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