Lord of the Flies - Compare and Contrast Ralph, Jack and Piggy

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Lord of the Flies - Compare and contrast the characteristics of Ralph,
Jack and Piggy with regards to there appearance, personality and potential to leadership.

I would compare and contrast the characteristics of the three boys:
Ralph, Jack and Piggy with regards to there appearance, personality and potential for leadership as follows

Piggy's appearance is short and fat and he has fair hair. He has very bad eyesight and wears thick rimmed spectacles. His clothes are shabby and he wears a greasy wind-breaker over them.

Ralph's appearance is considered to be very good looking by the other boys. He has a good figure which the others are envious of because he keeps fit and is athletic. He can stand on his head whenever he likes.

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Piggy's personality is very adult like . He is very inquisitive and has a logical mind. He is also intelligent. He is very envious of the thinner good looking boys. His speech is very common. Interested in others and respects the laws of the island

Ralph's personality is very confident for a boy. He is ambitious but also easily exited. He is tactless and callous to the other boys and very insensitive to their feelings. He is also conceited. He is also a dreamer who thinks only of himself. He is not very intelligent and is also childish. He betrayal

Jack's personality is very violent as a character. He shows no sympathy towards the other boys especially Simon. He is arrogant.
Although he often says that he is brave and fearless when it comes to killing the pig he wimps out, and becomes obsessed then with killing things. Piggy's leadership will be good because he respects the laws that have been made, he is intelligent. Piggy is also interested in others and he is logical

Ralph as a leader he is a confident and ambitious boy but he easily gets exited and is also heartless. He needs an incentive to do things and only thinks of himself.

Jack' leadership should be good because he has already been a leader so he knows how to lead but although he has the confidence to lead he is not intelligent or caring enough to actually lead the boys.

My conclusion from comparing and contrasting the three boys. Piggy might not have the looks but he has the personality and ability
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