Lord of the Flies Descriptive Good or Evil

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Lord of the Flies The novel The Lord of the Flies is based on one significant question that philosophers have been puzzled by for centuries – are humans essentially good, or are they evil? Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a famous French philosopher, theorized that humans are instinctively good, however, when given an aggravating situation, then their minds become warped and are set into a bad state. Thus, humans are naturally good, but it is society that demeans them. On the other hand, another great influential thinker, Thomas Hobbes, believed that humans are inborn evil, but it is society that subdues the evil ways. Many studies led to the assumption that humans are born with evil inside, and it is human…show more content…
It is ironic because he himself as a Naval officer is committing similar acts, if not more savage than the boys, being in the war. Golding has made his point clear that humans are born evil but the evil is being suppressed by society. Nevertheless, it does not prove nor disprove the dispute whether or not they are born malignant or learn it based on society’s acts. Works Cited Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: The Berkley Publishing Group,
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