Lord of the Flies

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We see how a group of civilized young men change into a bunch of crazy

animalistic beasts over a very short period of time when there is no one who is “above” them to

order them around and set rules. In The Hunger Games we see a society of people grouped into

districts who follow the strict rules of the capital. If you question the capital or disobey one rule

or show any sign of treason you are very harshly punished. Both of these situations led to

violence. This shows that humans are capable of being very violent and when it all comes down

to it every person has the choice to follow the crowd or to stand for what they truly believe is

right. The message that both of these works are trying to convey is that there needs to be a

balance between rules in society or it will result in chaos on a monumental scale.

In Lord of the Flies we have a group of boys the main ones being Ralph, the protagonist

and Jack, the antagonist. Both of these boy have different ideas on how rules should be set up.

This leads to major conflict and violence throughout the novel. It is very clear in the novel that

Ralph likes to thoroughly think things through, while Jack likes to take immediate action “There

was the brilliant world of hunting, tactics, fierce exhilaration, skill; and there was the world of

longing and baffled commonsense” (pg 71) . This quote functions as…

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