Lord of the Flies: Jack and Ralph Comparison

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“Jack made a rush and stabbed at Ralph’s chest with his spear. Ralph sensed the position of the weapon from the glimpse he caught of Jack’s arm and put the thrust aside with his own butt. Then he brought the end round and caught Jack a stinger across the ear. The were chest to chest, breathing fiercely, pushing and glaring.”(196). Two strong types of leadership can lead to devastating outcomes. This is shown in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Ralph and Jack have two very different types of leadership that are at different ends of the spectrum. The qualities of Ralph and Jack are different, Jack’s beliefs contrast those of Ralph, and the styles of leadership that Ralph and Jack use are as different as night and day. To begin, it takes…show more content…
Jack exclaims, “But we want meat!”(55). Jack is saying this to Ralph because he wants him to help with the shelters but Jack only wants to hunt have meat then help out around the island. Finally, Ralph believes in

rules. He believes that by having rules that it creates some sort of authority and civilization on the island. Jack believes in all fun and does not care about the rules. Ralph created the conch as a symbol of power. The conch controls who is able to talk and it can bring all of the boys together for an assembly. By making the conch the ultimate power on the island, Ralph is trying to replace the missing authority, rules, and adults. Ralph says, “The rules! You’re breaking the rules!”(99). Jack replies with, “Who cares?”(99). After Jack says this to all of the boys at one of the assemblies, he convinces all of the boys except Ralph, Simon, and Piggy to go down to the beach and play. By Jack doing the he shows that all Jack wants to do is be ignorant to the rules and have fun. In conclusion, the two different types of leaders have different beliefs on how to survive. Ralph believes in survival skills while Jack believes in hunting. Totalitarian dictator versus Democratic. These leadership types are extremely different. Jack is a totalitarian dictator versus Ralph who has a democratic style of leadership. To start off, Jack rules by the emotional responses of his followers: he rules by charisma and hysteria. As opposed to Ralph who rules by laws and
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