Lord of the Flies: Natural Selection and its Finest

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Charles Darwin was a famous scientist whose most famous studies were the evolution of man and all other creatures. Darwin realized that certain species became extinct because they were not both strong physically and mentally, and he explains his theory which is called natural selection, and later claimed the phrase “Survival of the fittest.” This phrase can be seen through war as well as the aftermath of a war. World War II proved that the strongest bodies and minds survived, and in England the strongest had to stay strong for more than a decade after the war because they had to rebuild everything, including the way society acts. Many literature pieces were written in this time period, and none were more famous than William Golding’s …show more content…
In Lord of the Flies, Ralph has the mental toughness as well as good physical status to survive the island. Sara Constankakis describes Ralph as, “The protagonist of the novel. He struggles with leadership, but he always keeps a positive message. Ralph is smart, for he knows what to do, and he always listens to Piggy even though he betrays him and is not a friend of his.” Ralph is the boy with the most strength in the mind, and he uses both of his attributes and he survives. For example, Ralph knows what to do when he finds Piggy after the crash. He gathers all the boys up and they meet everyone and elect a chief, in which Ralph is named chief. Ralph understands the situation, and he needs all the other boys to understand, so he says, “I’ve got to have time to think things out. I can’t decide what to do straight off” (23). Ralph wants the boys to know that all decisions will take some time, just like all political actions. Ralph needs to make sure he knows that he makes the best choice and that the choice benefits all of the boys more than it would hurt them.
To continue, another reason why Ralph has the strongest mind is that he cares for everyone, including the littluns. He wants to make sure that the littluns feel safe and protected. When Ralph and Jack are arguing about hunting and shelters, Ralph says, “We need shelters because of the [beast]”

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