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Lord of the Flies

Society frees the individual from the tyranny of disorder. When people are working together with rules, chaos does not occur. In Lord of the Flies, the shell signifies society and order. The book begins with Ralph and Piggy blowing the conch to call the other boys together to order and unity. Skinner explains this by people being completely controlled by their environment. The conch is similar to a bell at school where the boys instinctively come after hearing the noise. I agree that people really are controlled by their environment. The choirboys all follow Jack's orders like stopping together and asking permission from him even though they are far from the society in which this rule was established. The
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He has a desire to kill the beast, but society has given him the duty not to kill. Jack makes the statement, "We aren't savages and we need rules." Here, Jack is expressing his moral being side. Ralph and Jack fight over making the fire versus hunting for pigs. This is a conflict of desire (hunting) and duty (making the fire). I believe people do have to face desire vs. duty decisions in everyday life. Roger watches the littluns playing and is held back from throwing stones at them. Rules in his old society told him it was unacceptable to hurt others, and Roger feels controlled by his old environment (Skinner). Jack hunts and kills the first pig when his responsibility was to keep the fire going. Jack later hits Piggy after Piggy scolds Jack for letting the fire go out when the ship went by. Then, while reenacting the hunt of the pig, the boys use Robert to signify the pig, and Robert begins to fear for his life as the boys get violently carried away with their reenactment. According to Lorenz, this is the boy's fight drive coming into play.

Jack makes the statement that the conch doesn't count on this side of the island (pg. 150). This signifies the point where the old environment and rules no longer exist, and chaos is free to reign. The boys were reenacting the killing of the pig when Simon stumbled in to tell the boys that the beast was just a dead man with

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