Lord of the Flies

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Piggy is an important character in William Golding 's Lord of The Flies. The novel follows a group of boys who crash land on a deserted island. At first, the boys believe that they will be rescued and will soon return to their normal lives. The reality of the situation, is that the world outside of the island is in war. The island becomes their new home. Using Piggy 's physical features, mental state, and emotional level, Golding makes Piggy a symbol of security, and civilization. Piggy 's character plays a major role because he serves as Golding 's personification of intelligence, and critical thinking. Piggy is very important in the story, he is the character that gives the story kind of a
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There is nothing on the island, just these boys he tried to tell them that; he tried to tell them there is nothing to fear. “I know there isn’t no beast—not with claws and all that I mean- but I know there isn’t no fear either” (page 84). He tries to tell the boys, that the only thing to be afraid of is themselves. They have all turned into such monsters and they are the only ‘beasts’ on the island. Piggy stays calm under pressure and thinks through situations clearly and thoughtfully, moreover; he is mature and independent. Piggy should have been elected leader even though his physical features don’t meet the boy’s standards. All of the other boys constantly leave him alone to fend for himself and take care of the young boys on the island. His independence is a principal factor that keeps him from turning into a monster like the rest of the boys do by the middle of the novel. At the beginning of the boys ' journey, Piggy found the conch, which is a shell that when blown brought all of the boys into a ‘family’ meeting. This allowed the conch to represent order and democracy. Until his death, Piggy tries to make the boys stay calm and close.
By the end of the novel on the boys have become completely divided, and Piggy and Ralph are completely on their own. Piggys glasses have been stolen by the other boys in the separate group, in his desperate effort to get his
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