Lord of the Flies Violence

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How does Golding use violence in the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’?

In the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’, Golding uses the theme of violence surfacing throughout the text. One reason for this was, Golding believed that every individual has the potential for evil and that the flawed human nature is seen in ‘mankind’s essential sickness’. His belief in this arrived through his time spent in war, so his aim was to challenge Ballantyne’s novel ‘Coral Island’, and in which Golding’s book the truth would be shown about his own thoughts of the darkness of mankind. As the theme of violence is in the heart of the novel, another reason of this is due to the quick breakdown of civilisation on the island. Through the breakdown, an ideal situation of
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The first act of destruction on the island follows the idea of the diseases and fallen human nature, is the pushing of the boulder. After three of the boys have noticed the boulder, they decide to ‘accept the challenge’, which they succeed in doing so. The fact that they didn’t need to remove the boulder from the mountain portrays the fact that the smallest things that the boys notice in their way have to be somehow destroyed. This displays the temptation in which the island is leading them to, as if they are obsessed by the thought of destruction in these early stages. The pushing of the rock symbolises the naturally destructive instincts that loses the innocence inside the children who are immediate to disturb the harmony of the island, following Golding’s theories. The islands reaction to the rock is through the forest shaking ‘with the passage of an enraged monster’. Golding uses the word ‘monster’ to describe this, to imply that the boys have let out a metaphorical beast onto the island which portrays the evil inside of the boys beginning to become exposed and their evil nature beginning. Furthermore, this portrays the battle between the diseased mankind and the natural world starting to corrupt the island.
However, in contrast to this when Jack comes across a pig, evidentially to kill as he assigned himself the role of hunter, Jack is unable to murder the animal. Golding describes
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