Lord of the Flies, by William Golding

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Throughout Lord of the Flies emotional feelings challenge the boys along with tasks the boys need to complete to get off the island as soon as possible. When the group breaks in two, the reader is shown emotional challenges that individuals undertake prior to this event. Golding uses the breaking of the groups to show the literal breaking point, the straw that breaks the camel's back. We see that several characters such as Piggy Ralph, and Simon want to be part of the group. These individuals face emotional difficulties. Through the emotional difficulties, the boys have difficulties with their concentration and grip on getting off the island. Trying to face an emotional challenge is like going through a maze. It is difficult for an…show more content…
The boys stop having respect for Piggy, and immediately they having no respect for each other. “Ralph pushed Piggy to one side... Ralph made a step forward and Jack smacked Piggy’s head. “ and a few pages later “Eat! Damn you! He glared at Simon. Take it.” Immediate disrespect arises, not just to Piggy.
The wheel of jealousy that is constantly turning each of the boys is another cause towards the breaking apart of the groups. The wheel turns from one person to the next, in an endless loop. When Ralph orders the meeting after they lost track of their first ship, he is confused with his feelings. Ralph sees the boys with the pig, and has mixed emotions with his anger and jealousy. He wants to be part of their lot but is angry that they lost their opportunity to be rescued. The boys start screaming: “‘Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in.’ Ralph watched them, envious and resentful. Not till they flagged and the chant died away, did he speak.'I'm calling an assembly.'”Ralph understands that they are turning into savages, and he is even jealous that the boys as a group are embracing the hunting and the killing of the pig . The festivities over the dying pig symbolize a unified action the boys have completed. Ralph is jealous that they have become one unified group and himself as the leader was neglected. He is well aware that Jack is beginning to step up and that he needs to bring the order back. His response is to
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