Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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Laws and rules are what set people apart from savagery. Leaders are what keep a group alive in times of crisis. In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, Piggy is the only character who remains civil and does not turn to savagery. The boys notice his appearance more than his brain which blinds them from seeing his intelligence, patience, and rationality. Piggy's intelligence is unmatched by anyone on the island. The kids are panicking because they have just seen the beast and no one can light the fire, aside from Piggy who remains calm. “We've got no fire. That thing sits up there-we'll have to stay here,” (29) Ralph says grievously. Piggy stays calm and is the one who actually takes time to think about the situation. He suggests to move the fire down next to the campsite which Ralph agrees with. Later when Jack leaves, Ralph does not know what to do and turns to Piggy and asks, "Piggy, what are we going to do?"(139). Ralph looks to Piggy when he is uncertain or hesitant for guidance. He knows that Piggy can think and trusts his decisions. Jack is fighting Ralph when Piggy says, “ Ralph-- remember what we came for. The fire. My specs” (177). Piggy reminds Ralph of the real importance of what their doing and to not get side tract with Jack. Piggy knows what needs to happen in order for him and everyone to survive. He is one of, if not the only, boy on the island who can make a truly intelligent decision. Piggy, apart form being the most knowledgeable person, he has the

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