Lords of War Simulation

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The Lords of War Simulation is best described by the neo-liberalist theory. Neo-liberalism best describes this game because it supports the ideology that everything humans do is in their own self interest. The theory also believes that people only cooperate with each other out of fear; actions of people playing Lords of War validate this theory. To succeed, neo-liberals need cooperation, institutions to mediate, as well as a fear of being defected on. Neo- liberals do not feel that humans are good in nature, but will argue that they have the capacity to bond together for the greater good, for their own personal benefit. By definition neo-liberalism is “a reinterpretation of liberalism that posits that even in an anarchic international…show more content…
North Korea is acting in its own self interest because as long as they agree to not threaten countries with their new technology, they will receive many necessities for their country. Other theorists would try and say that in the Lords of War simulation, people were only going to do what would make them the most powerful, and realist would say that all of the participants would have defected even with the institutions; and even though some people still defected, the majority did cooperated. Realists would also say that a security dilemma would have occurred, and people would have tried to make allies to only help themselves, whereas people cooperated out of fear of losing trust, thus making them an opponent to be defected on consistently. Constructivists would argue that people shared a sense of identity and norms, but this game proved that there was no collective identity or norms to be shared. People just played the game in accordance to their own wants, needs and personal beliefs. And the liberals would argue that people are genuinely good and will come together to act in the best nature for all. This game has proven that the intent and nature of humans is not genuinely good, and people do not cooperate because it is the right thing to do, they cooperate out of fear that

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