Lords of the Fight by William Golding

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After a robotic bell sounds across a high school, hordes of students exit their classrooms and enter the hallway. After a minute, the congested hallway shows a variety of categories of student types. Those quick to get to their next class condense to their lowest form, while socialite trouble-makers shove each other in hopes of a “domino effect” of falling bystanders. Standing next to the two are the elitist seniors who, tired of high school, force through any cluster of students preventing their access. Luckily, these chaotic transition periods only last for a few minutes, but with a longer timeframe, more permanent damage is virtually guaranteed. Although fictional, William Golding predicts this type of situation in Lord of the Flies,…show more content…
The group tries to ignore the accusation, but later on, it is used in the destruction of their society. When Jack attempts to form a new tribe, he promises that his hunters “will protect [them] from the beast” (150). What once was considered a silly myth is now a dividing point between the castaways. … Besides the Beastie, the littluns get into a stinky situation with their ignorance of lavatories. Ralph, during a meeting, explained how they “chose those rocks right along beyond the bathing pool as a lavatory…. [as] The tide cleans the place up” (80). Fallen to the divide of the leaders and littluns, a forgotten group of the older children have the unused possibility of keeping any society together. One of the prime members of this group is Simon, a meditative and introverted boy. He does not fall for the trap of hunting and murder as some of the others, but realizes the downfall of their society faster. At one point, in a state of distress, Simon reports that he “thought of the beast…the picture of a human” (103). He is actually forgotten to a point where they mistaken him, in a terrible state, as the beast. A ritual, in session during the discovery of Simon, escalated to a point when “The sticks fell….The beast was on its knees in the center….It was crying out….The beast struggled” (152-153). Another forgotten character, Piggy, showed similar wisdom. “I know there isn’t know beast…but I know there
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