Loreal Case Study

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Case Study:
L'Oreal in China

Allen Cha

1a) In a short time, the young Chinese cosmetic market has become quite saturated with numerous firms. In order for Yue Sai to position its brand effectively, it has to draw upon unique strengths that others do not have. Madam Yue-Sai created Yue Sai with the aim “to create, produce and sell the very best beauty and skincare products that we can offer to Asian women and to the world…” The company started under her belief that the Chinese women had different standards for beauty and required specifically tailored cosmetic products. If Yue Sai under Cotyhad continued to build its brand under this positioning instead of focusing on distribution, the brand would be a far more prominent player in
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Considering these environmental trends and cultural differences into account, positioning Yue Sai as a provider of “delicate luxury cosmetics for mature Chinese women” under the LCD of L’Oreal, is the ideal choice. It will help L’Oreal establish a sustainable and profitable presence in a Chinese market segment inaccessible by its other sub-brands.
2a) Yue Sai should not associate itself with the L’Oreal brand name. Yue Sai’s new positioning strategy emphasizes Yue Sai’s dedication to providing cosmetics specifically made for Chinese women. Also Yue Sai’s longstanding brand promise that “Nobody knows Chinese skin better than Yue Sai” implies that Chinese cosmetic products should be made by Chinese hands. Any association with a foreign parent company will diminish the effect of that message to Chinese consumers. Also, Yue Sai’s products can’t compete with brands with larger marketing budgets and distribution channels in marketing scale. In order to compensate for this disadvantage, Yue Sai needs to shrewdly utilize its product’s influence on Chinese consumer behavior. For example, using an expensive Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) known for its natural medicinal properties will imprint a positive image in Chinese consumers. Since TCM is generally believed to be gentle, healthy, and harmless, it will
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