L’oreal of Paris: Bringing “Class to Mass” with Plénitude Case Solution

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L’oreal of Paris: Bringing “Class to Mass” with Plénitude Executive Summary L’Oreal Plénitude’s problem in US market is ignoring cultural and traditional differences about buying behavior of consumers while entering the market. The products and marketing strategy are too overwhelming for US consumers. Thus company should prevent this confusion as main goal. To overcome this problem, company should release Americanized packaging and have simplified advertisements. Analytical Summary L’oreal of Paris is well known brand in cosmetics sector especially in France. The company is trying to enter to U.S. market where competition is high and this is a big problem in such competition because consumers are prone to use…show more content…
Also according to Facial Skin Care Market Study, price is really important for two segments which are Unconcerned (%25), Price Conscious Socializers (%17). Also Ingredient Apathetic (%17) segment is not concerned about specific ingredients which is an important competitive advantage of L’oreal. Therefore L’oreal Plénitude is not first option for %59 of US consumers. There is also an image of Plénitude that it is for use of older women. The main circumstance which caused such negative image is the motto used in advertisement: “ Reduces the Signs of Aging” However in original French advertisement , it is: “ Delays Signs of Aging” the American version causes misunderstanding that it is a something to use after having signs of aging. Therefore people who do not attention to read details can easily misunderstand this phrase. Recommendation L’oreal should consider cultural differences so that they should not neglect US consumers’ desire of simplicity. Hence they should change the Plénitude’s appearance by choosing more effective and short information instead of too many details. In order to achieve that goal L’oreal should use Americanized packaging. Second option is that for US market L’Oreal should consider a narrow line of products to achieve again simplicity. Because there are complaints about confusion as a result of too many products are available. Also, while lots of money is spent to research new products,

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