Loren And Eddie's Short Story: A View From The Bridge

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Loren and Eddie continued talking for awhile. She cried until it felt like no more tears would come. Loren didn't come out and say it, but Eddie could tell she didn't want to be alone. In all honesty, he didn't want to leave her alone, anyway. There was already a pillow on the couch, so Loren got comfortable and laid down. Eddie brought a blanket from his spare bedroom upstairs and covered his girl. They both knew she would have trouble sleeping due to her confessions from her childhood. Eddie took the initiative and laid down beside her. He smiled in relief when she leaned into him and rested her head on his chest. He held his girl tightly and kissed her temple) (During the night, Loren got nightmares. She screamed and flung her hands into…show more content…
He knew school started at 8:30am as she told that a few times. He decided if she wasn't up by 7:30am, he would let her know what time it was. When the morning came and the sun shined in Eddie's face, he squinted his eyes and moaned slightly. He glanced at Loren, who was peacefully sleeping. Her head was just below his neck on his chest. Slowly, but surely, he was able to safely get off the couch. Loren readjusted herself and got comfortable before falling asleep again. He grabs his phone, which is on the piano, and sees if he has any missed calls. He had his phone on silent so he and Loren had no distractions. He noticed a missed call from his dad. He saw also a text from his father, asking if he was okay as he hadn't spoken to his son since the early evening of the previous day) (Eddie sighed as he briefly closes his eyes. He wasn't quite sure what he was going to tell his dad about Loren. Eddie knew when serious situations arised, Max would keep quiet if Eddie asked him to. They haven't been in a serious situation too many times. He was almost afraid of telling his father what happened because then it would become a reality. Obviously, it was a reality, but the more people knew, Eddie realized decisions would need to be
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