Loren Eiseley's The Starfish Story

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According to the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC), active global citizenship denotes taking action to build a more equitable and sustainable world, whilst understanding that actions have an impact worldwide. Community service, an intrinsic aspect of global citizenship, is voluntary work of an individual or organization whose intent is to benefit a community or its institutions. The actions of global citizens and community service organizations should follow a systems thinking approach, as enacted solutions can create problems in different areas if not ‘analyzed’ on a larger scale that incorporates all aspects of the problem. Community service comes in many forms including monetary foreign aid and social service organizations. Yet, do these organizations effectively follow a systems thinking approach?
Loren Eiseley’s, The Starfish Story has become a powerful analogy for how we should act as global citizens. It tells the tale of a young man who attempts to save starfish by throwing them back into the water. Throughout his endeavors, he is questioned by a wise man who observes that there are too many starfish to be saved by a single person. The young man responds
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An example of successful aid programs include Paul Farmer’s Partners in Health, which was an organization aimed at preventing/decreasing the amount of deaths due to curable diseases in countries like Haiti. The approach of Partner’s in Health was centered and focused, creating sustainability by educating and employing Haitians, while also understanding the language and culture, as well as being permanently stationed. This means that there is no worry regarding “what happens when these organizations leave?” As Keith Morton suggested, Partners in Health talked, listened, built relationships and understood their
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