Lorena Falasco Mission Statement

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I am quite fortunate to work at a site that I was able to be part of creating our school’s vision. Lorena Falasco Elementary School’s mission statement is: “In partnership with our community, Lorena Falasco Elementary School is committed to creating a safe and positive environment with high expectations that encourage success and lifelong learning for everyone.” With that in mind, parent education and involvement are crucial for a school to be successful in doing so. At this time I am co-leading a parent education class that is being held at Lorena Falasco Elementary School we have completed seven of the eight workshops. The parenting workshop combines parenting and leadership skills that will empower parents to become vital contributors to their children’s academic success. There are eight workshops that we will present, which will create parent leaders and also provide positive…show more content…
Lorena Falasco Elementary implemented a Running Club this year. Our club meets two days a week after school. We have two coaches (teachers) and parent helpers per team, which are separated by grade levels. To include community members, we invited students from our local high schools that are on the cross country team, and individuals who have participated in 5k’s and half marathons to participate in our practices, we call them our “Celebrity Runners”. The excitement from our student’s faces was priceless. It was a fantastic opportunity to get our community members involved with our school, and to interact with our student’s in a positive way. What I learned by participating in this club is that something as simple as a running club for elementary students could make such a positive and a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved (parents, teachers, students, community members). By doing so, we created a welcoming atmosphere for Lorena Falasco Elementary
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