Lorenzo De Medici Research Paper

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Lorenzo de Medici was born on January 1, 1449 in Florence, Italy. "Lorenzo The Magnificent” as he was called by the people of the place he resided was a statesman, ruler, and patron of the arts. "The Magnificent" was truly a common title of respect in Italy at the time, but it was Medici who raised it to special status. The merchant prince Lorenzo de' Medici, came to be the baron of florence at a young age tragically his father Piero died on Dec. 5, 1469, and 2 days later the 20-year-old Lorenzo was asked to become the newest authority figure in Florence. And In 1472 he won the hearts of all Florentines by saving the city from a famine that was imminently deadly. When there was also a bad harvest of that year, it threatened the population
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