Lorenzo's Oil: A Short Story Of Lorenzo Oil

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Kearies Donelson 1B Chemistry I September 7, 2016 “Your illness does not define you; your strength and courage DOES”! Lorenzo Oil is a very good movie. Its pretty much about a little boy generous and just a few months later he founded a health problem within himself. Wouldn't think how intelligent he is something so major would happen to little old him. July 1983 in East Africa that was this little courteous boy name Lorenzo .Lorenzo love to draw and he was very intelligent. In Washington, DC three months later everything changed about Lorenzo. He started acting out, destroying things and screaming out for no reason. No one knew what had gotten into him so the parents takes Lorenzo to the doctor to make sure everything is going good with him.…show more content…
They found out Lorenzo had ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy) and he might die in two years. For ALD there wasn’t any type of cure or treatments. By May 1984 they put Lorenzo on a diet. The parent found out that the diet wasn’t benefiting him it was making him worse During the time Lorenzo stopped doing normal things such as eating with forks/spoons, walking and talking. So they had to put him on a suction machine. His parents tried feeding him olive oil to see will it help him. By November 21, 1989 they continued giving Lorenzo the olive oil. The olive oil made him have a seizure because of his saliva while taking it in so his parents so that. Lorenzo starts getting worse and worse so they put him in the hospital. March 1986, 23 months after his disease was founded Omuri came to see Lorenzo and sing to him. All that did was make Lorenzo calm and put him to sleep. Lorenzo’s parents try to give him oil to eat again but not Olive oil this time. 6 months later September 1986, the oil starts to benefit Lorenzo. Lorenzo starts communicating through his eyes. Lorenzo also became able to move his fingers a little. The oil was really making him better in many ways. He also
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