Lorraine Hansberry 's A Raisin

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In A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry.
Broward College, Central Campus Theater in building 6, on Sunday, the 1st of November. The play was performed by Broward College students. The type of stage was Proscenium stage with extended apron. I thought it was a little bit small, but it did not show as a problem. The pre-show was dark and a feel of suspense. I felt excited to see how everything would play out. The play takes place down south of Chicago in the 1950’s.
The production was much a success for the most part. It was definitely worthwhile, I encouraged a few people to go and in the near future will encourage more people to go and experience stories, movies and others as such come to life.
When the play started with the scene of Ruth cooking, there were a lot of realism techniques in the play. The stove used to cook was on, she had real ingredients, real drinks and refreshments, telephone, real sounds, real furniture’s. Lighting determined the time of day it was. Warm colors to represent the day and cool colors that represented night time. Non realism lighting were used also. A great example was when Lena Younger was sad and she sat on the chair by the table where the phone and a picture of her husband was set; a blue and white lighting was set on her, showing and representing the mood of gloomy, unhappy and sadness.
What is being attempted in the play is simply the Youngers as an African American family trying to make it day by day. The dreams are real, but the
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