Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun Essay

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Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun A dream deferred is a dream put off to another time, much like this essay. But unlike dreams sometimes, this essay will get fulfilled and done with. Each character from A Raisin in the Sun had a deferred dream, even little Travis although his dream was not directly stated. Their dreams become dried up like a raisin in the sun. Not just dreams are dried up though; Walter Lee and Ruth’s marriage became dried up also. Their marriage was no longer of much importance, like a dream it was post-poned and it became dry. Their struggle for happiness dried up because they had to concentrate all of their energies on surviving. Their needs seem no longer to be satisfied by each other. But they…show more content…
The money disappeared and so did the dream. Walter Lee’s investment dream also stunk “like rotten meat.” Like meat, the dream was very appetizing. In Walter Lee’s eyes, nothing could go wrong, it was a smart investment that would definitely be profitable. Not once did the thought that Willy Harris might run away with the money ever cross his mind. “Walter: Yeah. You see, this little liquor store we got in mind cost seventy-five thousand and we figured the initial investment on the place be 'bout thirty thousand, see. That be ten thousand each. Course, there's a couple of hundred you got to pay so's you don't spend your life just waiting for them clowns to let your license get approved...” But the dream began to rot, and lose composure. He wasted all the money and his dream became impossible. The dream that Mama and Ruth shared was to move into a bigger and better house. Mama had shared that dream with her husband who was never able to live it out. “Mama: "Rat trap" -- yes, that's all it is. I remember just as well the day me and Big Walter moved in here. Hadn't been married but two weeks and wasn't planning on living here no more than a year. We was going to set away, little by little, don't you know, and buy a little place out in Morgan Park. We had even picked out the house. Looks right dumpy today. But Lord, child, you should know all the dreams I had 'bout buying that house and fixing it up and making me a little
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