Lorraine Hansberry's Raisin In The Sun

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Over 5 decades ago Lorraine Hansberry wrote a play, Raisin in the Sun, about a family living in Chicago during the Civil Rights Era. The play illustrates a realistic portrait of African-American life during the late 50’s early 60’s. The family comes into some money as a result of the Patriarch of the family passing away. This insurance check presents an opportunity for each member of the family to realize their dreams in order to escape the ghetto. However, each family member/character deals with circumstances that dominate their lives forcing them to shelve their individual dreams in order to meet family needs and goals. Lorraine Hansberry gave innovative voices to each character’s storyline. Langston Hughes wrote “Harlem” in…show more content…
Her second dream, as a mother, is to see her children succeed. Her second dream includes the hope that her son becomes the man he is supposed to be, the epitome of who her husband was. Mama also longs to see her strong willed daughter grow into the woman she is destined to be. Mama believes the home she purchased can provide a segue for her children to realize their heart’s desires. Mama understands her children still need to learn as she encourages them to use good judgement and strengthen their value 's as they begin to realize their own aspirations. There is a moment in the play when Mama’s dream of living in a house would seem to be abandoned, after her son lost all the money in a bad investment scheme. In this scene Mama tries to rationalize the situation and make the best of it for the love of her family, but deep down we see her heart is broken. However, as witnessed later in the play, both Mama’s dreams come to fruition as her son matures and together as a family they resolve to move in to the house despite obstacles that lay ahead. Here we see a societal standard defied as Mama’s assumes the responsibility a man would normally undertake when deciding to purchase a home. Here, Hansberry is showing the audience that expectations of certain gender roles do not always apply. Walter Lee Younger is Lena Younger’s son. We perceive Walter Lee as an ambitious but desperate man obsessed with an investment
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