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The genre of movies that I like the most is horror, rather than the genre of action. That is why one of my favorite movies is the one that takes the spell by name, in this film expose even the deepest fears which are developed by a family which is going to live in a house where long ago a person died , within the frame of this film is a couple of people who through the mind can communicate with beings from beyond.

Being able to have contact with people about natural ones become one of the most requested couples in the middle of the beings of the other world, within the family that moved to live in this house are a couple of children who through a toy they find they start to happen supernatural things.
Within the most paranormal that happens
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It is good, does not bore, and tension increases as the film passes as horror films must do, has a good start and a good ending. You manage to create that connection with the family and each of their 5 children, although you soon love them.
The best features of the film are: The photos that are so credible and the direction of cameras, since each shot is perfectly well executed, with some landscapes such as the front door to a tree that good is completely editing the sound too is really good.
Also within this film from time to time you get every fright, while they are predictable at times (in all horror films are), come out of the ordinary and smartly avoid getting bored watching the movie, but what it is really important is the preparation for each of these moments, you do not know what will happen and when you think you know change completely what you had thought would
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