Los Angeles : A Pot Of Culture And A Mecca For The Film Industry And Skateboarding Culture

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Los Angeles has always been a melting pot of culture and a mecca for the film industry and skateboarding culture. The greater Los Angeles area is home to 18.68 Million people today that reflects many communities and the people of Los Angeles have fostered popular cultures that youth of the past and present hold dear. Unfortunately, the gang culture in Los Angeles and especially the South Central area exploded along with the population with the onset of numerous street gangs. Interestingly enough, the incident that literally set the city on fire had to do with a non-gang related arrest and subsequent beating of an unarmed African-American male. The Rodney king riots were a complex scramble of cultures and lives that culminated in one of…show more content…
However, what set people off were that the officers continued to beat King while he was on the ground and posing no threat. Described in an article by US News, "Afterward, as King lay hogtied on the ground, the bloodied, angry victim alternately laughed and cursed into the chilly night air" (The Untold story of the LA Riots). King was brutalized in his arrest by the people that were supposed to be protecting the community and because of the actions that were taken by the jury in the King trial, a billion dollars of damage was done to the city of Los Angeles. The Rodney King trials were the definite reason as to why the riots began in Los Angeles. The day that the LAPD officers involved in the beating were pronounced not guilty, looting and burning began in south central Los Angeles. Looking back at the trial and the situation, there was not much the jury could have done. After reading the reports and seeing the evidence, the jury pronounced three officers not guilty and deadlocked on Officer Powell. Going into the trial, "most jurors believed that they would convict at least some officers on at least some counts" (Sipchen), the jury definitely tried to convict the men involved but, according to one juror, "I couldn 't find him guilty because of reasonable doubt" (Sipchen). The jury cited multiple sources of evidence including the video of the arrest that shows that certain officers did not

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