Los Angeles County Economic Assessment

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Los Angeles County Economic Assessment The modern day society evolves at a rapid pace and these evolutions and quick developments do not tardy to generate a negative impact upon the health of the individuals. More women working outside the home and an increased emphasis on career materializes in a decreased attention to home cooked meals and their replacement with fast food items, which are cost effective, but highly unhealthy. More time spent in front of the computer and the television set translates into a sedentary life style, which also generates negative impacts upon the health of the community. In light of these new traits of the society, the health care sector must develop itself and address the new needs of the society. Furthermore, these new needs are not only shaped by the changes in the life style of the population, but other traits as well. For instance, at a demographic level, it is noted that the population ages at a rapid rate and requires more health care. Then, at an economic level, it is noted how the internationalized economic crisis poses new threats and limits the population's access to health care. In such a complex setting, it is necessary for health care providers and policy makers to assess the specific traits of the society and deliver medical services tailored to these characteristics and needs. A first step in this direction is that of assessing the economics of a region, and this specific region is hereby represented by the Los Angeles
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