Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

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Los Angeles is a beautiful city filled with many classy shops, modern houses and many diverse restaurants base from China, Korea, America as well as many other different countries. However, there is a museum that located right in the heart of Los Angeles where 6th street and Wilshire Boulevard parallel with each other. This is a very interesting place with many tourists and people visiting each day. The museum is a familiar attraction for many LA locals, and it is also the largest art museum in the Western United States named Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Los Angeles County Museum of Art was established in 1961 in the Hancock Park on over 20 acres. It was a part of Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art built in 1910 in the Exposition Park near University of Southern California. However, the museum had moved to a new location during 1965 where it 's right now Wilshire Boulevard and 6th street. With a collection of more than 120,000 pieces of art from the history of ancient to present of many countries from Asia, Latin America, Columbia, France, Ancient Egypt, Germany and Italy; regarding to this, it made LACMA become the largest art museum in the Western United States. As a Los Angeles residence for almost five years, I had never properly explored the beautiful attractions that the city has to offer. However, there are so many interesting things that tourists and local people have talk about LACMA; so I decided to check it out over the weekend. "Hey,
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